Social Events

As an Organization we believe that having a strong community is key when it comes to the success of a veteran transitioning from the military to the college environment, and again when it comes time for a student veteran to transfer to a four-year program or graduate. To help build that sense of community we make it a priority to hold several camaraderie events throughout the year for the student veteran community as well s the Mesa student body as a whole.

"As a transitioning veteran coming out of the military and going to school, the SVO has been an amazing group to be a part of. The collection of knowledge within the organization has helped me get on track and set me up for success. I'm excited to be a part of something that has such a positive impact on my peers." - Dan McDonald
"The SVO has been very helpful through my last year at Mesa. I transitioned out of the military and was immediately accepted into a community of veterans who motivate me to try my hardest everyday. Having peers around who can help with tough problems and explain in a different way has also helped a lot." - Darien Parris

"The SVO has really made a great impact on my experience at Mesa. I've been exposed to so many beneficial resources and opportunities. Everyone looks out for each other, and you get to establish a great network in the process."      - Lauren Roberts

"The Mesa College SVO gave me everything I didn't know I needed when I left the Marines. The guys and gals at the SVO give resources and information about all things military and student alike. More so, they have taken their personal time to assist one another in the pains of transitioning." - Steve Sharp
  1. SVO BBQ
    Welcome back to school BBQ 2016
  2. First Annual Pizza Fest
    First Annual Pizza Fest to raise money for the San Diego Mesa College Foundation
  3. VFW Post 5985 Fishing Trip
    VFW Post 5985 invited some of our members to join them on a fishing trip to help build a relationship with GWOT era veterans.
  4. Veterans Day Parade
    Veterans Day Parade and activities 2016

Soldiers Who Salsa

"Soldiers Who Salsa has really allowed me to become a more involved part of the veteran community here at San Diego Mesa College. By attending the lessons and dancing, I was able to not only provide a physical outlet through the exercise dance provides, but I was also able to learn how enjoyable it is to be side by side with other veterans and build relationships through dance. I also really appreciate the attentiveness and skill of our coaches and all of my fellow dancers for bringing the energy and giving me something to look forward to every week.

This comes as a great relief, because as a 23 year old student in my first semester, I didn't really know that many people here. I had grown up in a town called Turlock, which is located in Northern California so I really didn't know anyone in the area. The majority of people I did know were from my time in the Marine Corps, but they had all headed to areas near their respective hometowns. Soldiers Who Salsa became a great way for my to create connections with fellow outgoing veterans."     - Alejandro Barajas
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
Helen Keller​