Mission Statement
To meet and exceed the academic and social needs of the members and veterans of the armed forces, dependents, veteran supporters, and local community today and in the future.
Vision Statement

Change Your World
A simple statement that encapsulates what we try and do as an organization. Instead of waiting for conditions to improve we constantly seek ways to improve the world around us via community service projects, social events, as well as ensuring that the veteran voice continues to be heard on our campus.



Our logo was created shortly after the establishment of our club and helps portray who we are as members. Our logo is split into three different sections which signify the three pillars of our club. The first being the crossed swords in the upper right-hand corner to represent that we come from a military background. The second being the helping hands to represent how we conduct ourselves to help make the transition easier for the next group of student veterans registering at San Diego Mesa College. The third, being the largest, is the tree of knowledge because we are all students in higher education pursuing our academic goals. The other reason for it being the largest is that the phrase "school comes first" is of high priority within our organizaiton.
Meet The Team


We are also an offical chapter of Student Veterans of America, which is a 501(c)(3) that aims to provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation.
San Diego Mesa College
San Diego Mesa College was established in 1964, and provides 195 Associate Degrees and Certificate Programs as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Health Information Management. We are located in San Diego, CA, which has the 8th largest population nationwide, and has an ever-growing veteran and Active Duty Military population due to its location near Camp Pendleton, Miramar Air Station, Marine Corps Depot San Diego, Naval Base Coronado, Naval Base Point Loma, and Naval Base San Diego. This is reflected within our student body population with 4,500 (14.5%) of the 31,000 total student population represented by military-related students. San Diego Mesa College was recently named "the #1 community college in the state" for having the largest number of students successfully transferring into the California State University system. We also take pride with our participation in the San Diego Promise, which has offered 201 students throughout our district with free tuition.
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